Terry Shappert

Terry Schappert is a Green Beret and professional actor; most recently appearing on television as the host of History Channel’s 10-part series “WARRIORS”.

Schappert traveled the globe experiencing the training, rituals and weapons of history’s most iconic warrior cultures.

Since graduating the Special Forces Qualification Course, Schappert has been deployed on training and combat missions all over the world, most recently in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In addition to his military credentials, Terry is a licensed paramedic, speaks several languages, and has extensive martial arts training and a degree in anthropology.

We make use of his fighting abilities - developed through age-old training techniques - and his abilities to anticipate human behavior, not just in the martial arts, but also during stressful situations such as rescue operations, sporting, performances, orienteering.

Through him we will also rediscover the habits and instincts critical to our survival in the wild.


Our ancestors, living in a time when nature - red in tooth and claw - ruled the earth, were armed with senses and instincts that enabled them to survive.

We believe that many of those instincts have been lost. Evolution and modern technology have definitely changed our way of life. But are those instincts really lost? Or have our natural senses just been dulled?

We will set out to explore:

  • how we are influenced by the primeval senses and instincts of the beast living deep within us.
  • the human desire to be faster, to fly or to be invisible.
  • what drives humans to be leaders, to erect buildings that touch the sky, to conquer the unknown.

NATURAL MISSION continuously searches for similarities in human and animal behavior. This includes the way we move, the way we think, and the use of individual senses and instincts.

NATURAL MISSION searches for animal naturalism and returns to the origins of man.